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In addition to the photo series of this year, there is another year-end special. Since the fuck machine was a huge success this year, Julian has also set up a second model that is similar in construction. Have fun and a good start to the New Year. Dear Reader I have tried everything to present the most beautiful sex on the videos with Juliana and our toys. On the one hand, we wanted it to be interesting to watch and not always the same thing over and over, which is why I was always looking for new ways. We went out into the nature to present Juliana in a very uninhabited landscape. You will be delighted by Juliana's charms and charm even on the cold snow. She had to be quick, but it was a nice experience for us. So what are your expectations? I will certainly try to do my best to make your expectations a reality. As always, please don't hesitate to give us your opinion and if you can contribute anything so that I can get even better pictures, then don't hesitate to write down. The Fuck Machine worked well, we have already tried the other type which is a bit cheaper, but we still did not get exactly the same as the previous one. I think about whether the next model can look a little slimmer or cheaper. I still wanted to try some things, but it didn't fit and because they are a lot of videos, you always need an overview and not everyone wants the same, so something was dropped. We still have ideas and want to present them in the coming months. Unfortunately, we have made too many photos that never reached the video because there was no sex. Many will be presented in a photo series and appear in the videos at some point. There was no reason for this either. Sometimes Juliana is not completely into it and she won't be able to perform as desired. Her husband and I were with her several days and then only took a short time for her and there is no more energy for the camera. In one session we did not use 100 GBs of video and after 2 days the drive was almost full, we will see how that will work in future sessions. So again something new to try out.