Take Off Your Pants Now | Sofi Vega | 18 VR porn pic gallery

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She knows everything there is to know about pleasuring a man and can use her magic to make your orgasm incredible. She uses her greatest, and naughtiest, secrets to let you pound her pussy as many times as possible in one night. So get ready for a wild ride and the biggest loads you've ever shot! But you won't shoot anything if you aren't all set. Go look around town and collect 3 honey jars, 1 phallic token and a baton for her. And of course, 2-3 drinks would make the magic even better! If you think you can handle Sofi's irresistible powers and are 18 years old and older, get to banging that dryad pussy! Gather your loot and walk up to the middle of her forest to find her tree-hut. It's a cosy little space decorated in a manner similar to ancient Greek or Roman frescoes with lush vines and plants everywhere, a nest bed with golden pillows and a lithe, naked dryad lady standing at the entrance. She might have spotted you while you made your way into the forest, so there'll be no pleasantries before the action begins. The dryad gets onto you immediately, casting a sexy spell that instantly fills you with the desire to pleasure the girl as she walks up to you.