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In fact, that's half the fun for this erotic exhibitionist. It makes her so hot that she can't help but touch herself all over her tight body as you enjoy the show. She strokes her inner thighs before slipping a finger between her full, inviting lips to caress her slick folds. A moan of delight escapes her as her touch kindles her smoldering passion and she's soon making the fingers of one hand disappear into her dewy center. After coming so many times, she slides her favorite vibrator deep into her receptive cunt to drive her orgasm home. As the shuddering convulsion dies away, she purrs, "That was great, and it feels so good. Why don't you come on out and join me?" And now, watch Diana strip down to the lacy black teddy, sheer thong, bra, and black stiletto boots in her very own video as well. Her gaze shifts over the leather couches. The position and the wide seats would have provided the voyeur with an unimpeded view of her naked body and her erotic activities. From where she sits she can see a walk-in closet, open doorways into a large bathroom, and a small kitchen. Could he have been watching her from the hallway or the stairwell? The realization of the sheer volume of her personal privacy lost fills her with anger. The apartment had been her haven, and now her sanctuary had been violated. She finds herself running her fingers up her bare thigh. Is she still enjoying it, the exhibitionism that had become an important aspect of her love life? The idea of an audience was just so hot to her. Being watched made her feel like she had a partner even when she was alone. Now she was probably being watched on a continuous basis. Who knows how much this asshole had already seen? She quickly jumps off the couch and pulls on her panties, trying not to consider what this guy had already witnessed while she masturbated in her own place.