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It is the first day of spring. The air is cool, and there's a light breeze. You wake up, and remember that today is a special day. You have arranged to meet up with three young women for the first time, and see how things go. One is a young lady named Sonya, who you met on the internet. The other two, you met at the train station. They are twin sisters. The only problem is, you don't know which twin you have agreed to meet, and which twin is a complete stranger. You are at the end of your road, standing in front of the small garden that leads up to your front door. The road to the south ends in a cul-de-sac, with the house belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Peterson on one side, and the house belonging to your new neighbours on the other. You could walk down the road to the train station and wait for a train into the city. You could turn around and head back into your house. You could try knocking on either the Petersons' or your new neighbours' doors, to see if anyone is at home. You could walk straight past all these houses, and head across the fields to the north, leading to a forest and hills.