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Her fingertips slowly slide along her pink slit, and then Myra pushes her middle finger into her tight entrance, a faint groan escaping her parted lips. The fingers of her left hand spread her moist lips while she finger fucks her eager little slit. Myra loves to show her tiny tits in videos, especially in the early morning hours when the lights make her pert handfuls look their absolute best. After the shoot, a naked photoshoot with props was an inevitable invitation and Myra gladly accepted, having gained quite a fondness for the cameras and the exposure. During the first session, a chair provided a good opportunity for her to stretch and move her small frame. Now with her ass on a wooden chair, her back arched, her head bent back, she was inviting a little pleasure in the most innocent way; a light touch that made her cum like a virgin on the second night, then cry after the rush passed her. Her medium brown hair was wavy and kind of long on the day that she decided to explore her body in the most obscene and uncompromising position on the very first shoot. Facing away from the cameras, the natural and unashamed beauty gave her pink pussy an initial loving stroke with her left index finger. While the cameras went on about their mechanical duties, the insistent finger slid deeper and deeper, probing gently, but persistently, making the tiny brunette's perky small breasts flutter more than once. Her slow thrusts ended abruptly, as the modest performer could hold the lust back no longer. Legs splayed wider, ass pushed high, she writhed and ground on her busy fingers until her body reached the full and amazing climax. After watching a couple of shoots in which her 'porn girl next door' persona came across perfectly, I suggested that the fresh-faced actress work on something a bit more daring, hoping it was not asking too much from someone who seemed to get into the sexual side of the game naturally without an ounce of faking or forcing. Much to my amazement, the bashful cutie instantly got into it, and in next to no time was running her index finger across her lightly shaven labia, showing the goods for all to see.