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With the tip of a lacy red high heel, she coquettishly pulls her delicate lingerie over her sensitive flower, exposing it to you inch by glorious inch until she's naked and teasing you even more by flashing her wet sex. Seduction becomes pure sexual energy as Scarlet strokes and caresses her juicy labia, moaning in anticipation, dying for you to penetrate the gaping opening that entices your eyes and ignites your arousal. When she slides her fingers inside her bare pussy, you can barely breathe, you ache so much for release, wanting to fuck Scarlet's fantastic mouth, pussy, and ass so hard, the room spins around you. But only the visual fantasy is available, the mental image and sensory memory lingering in your head. You imagine stroking and fucking her heavenly body until she screams your name, the climax pushing you both to the edge, the long, hard orgasm a quake in your soul that continues to reverberate every time you relive the moment. See for yourself if you can break down these young cuties' walls or leave them cold as a stone and in their place be on their list. When a female producer for a big brand turns to the studio to do an interview, this is how it looks for the selected porn performer. I have an interview coming up so I told a friend to play this role and I just have to be me. This is also just a sneak preview so my interviewer can get used to seeing some girl-girl stuff with his guy-girl.