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Your heart beats faster as the sexy girl spreads her legs and strokes her smooth-shaven pussy. Then she opens the toy box and chooses a massive dildo that's nearly as thick and long as her forearm. She licks the head before teasing her clit with it, then rubs the huge toy between her pussy lips, getting ready to fuck herself with it. "Fuck, this is going to be so intense!" You watch transfixed as the horny slut slowly eases the fat dildo inside her, letting out a little whimper as she takes more and more inside. Then she starts to move it in and out, slowly at first, but building up speed as she goes along. You're not sure if it's possible for the gorgeous blonde to take the whole thing, but she's giving it her best shot. Soon the toy is half-in, and Lily's moaning and thrashing about on the bed.