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She stands and wiggles out of her skirt, then pushes the hair out of her eyes as she leans back on the sofa. Pristine drags Jayden down between her legs by that hot cock of his. One taste and Amber decides that Jayden has nothing more than that and she starts to work it. The taste of Amber fills the room. Jayden gets his first glimpse at the glorious sight of Amber's hairless cunt, her soft outer labia and perfect clit begging for his attention. He gladly gives it to her, fucking her with his mouth as well as she's ever fucked with that oversized fake dick. Amber reaches up and shoves the straps off her shoulders. Jayden gets a glimpse of what he's been wanting since he first saw her. A tight, pink nipple peeks out from the dress. Her legs spread wider, inviting him in deeper. She pulls back the whole of one succulent tit and exposes her dainty little light pink nub. As Jayden buries his tongue deep in her sweet spot, he gets another look as Amber pinches her nipple, pulling at her taut skin. Jayden lifts himself up, revealing the whole of his huge, black cock to Amber's gaze. He's ready, fully erect, his heavy balls high and tight against his body, in need of release. Without taking her eyes off that beautiful manhood, Pristine purses her lips. "Well, do you like my cock or don't you?" The camera is fixed on Amber's eyes as she licks her lips. That alone says more than a thousand words, but she knows Jayden's the kind of guy who'll say it better: "Amber, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to make you cum so hard and cum so long that I may break you. But I'm going to keep on fucking until there's nothing left in these balls," He strokes his member while keeping his eyes locked on Amber's, "then I'm going to fill your perfect little pussy."