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Isn't it fantastic? Just like before, these pictures and videos will remain a private treasure and never see the public. We are saying that just in case they should make it online elsewhere but don't worry, I'll still share them here first! You guys are in such a good mood today. She didn't want to wear the strap-on today but tomorrow we have an adventure planned at work so prepare to see something new... Let's enjoy some more sweet moments, it'll do you a lot of good and is easy on your mind! Enjoy and I hope to hear all of your thoughts in the comments! See you again, my sweet, gentle and curious friends! <3 <3 The weather was hot today, we had just come back from our trip to the sea with Efaliossa. Dulce was walking with a slow, calm pace and each of her steps brought the cutie closer and closer to the main garden area of the village. You know, our village is made up of several homes spread all across the mountainsides. This allows us to have all of our beautiful, hidden gardens. Dulce was wearing a top and short white dress with red flowers. I had no panties on, because I really enjoy the feeling of the breeze in between my legs as well as how horny it makes me. Dressing like this in the middle of nature was driving me crazy. "Daddy, it is hot today! It's getting harder and harder not to just lift up my dress and masturbate while going on a walk," she said.