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In the end, her well-trained cunt could take it though, just like every time when she comes hard. There is always that point of no return when pleasure is all there is and being totally conquered by it is all a woman wants. Oh yes. Being raped by it. I could feel my pussy getting wet already as I thought about it again, soaking my expensive black panties. "Tess?" I blinked, wondering what Mom said, because the fuck machine is always my favorite and my mind tended to go there whenever it was in play. That, and coming out on top... Or going bottom, even though that sounds like a much worse place than it actually was. Especially if it's me going down. "Ah, you weren't listening, Tess?" I love my mom, I do, and I knew it would be all right even when I blushed hotly. You can't get into this game and not end up in some submissive mood. "Well, why don't we do the next video now?" I asked, feeling too nervous and flushed to keep sitting. And standing would hopefully keep me out of trouble. I crossed my legs, one over the other, as I leaned back against the vanity table, suddenly wondering whether it would be my turn today. "We'll make the model go into the fucking dungeon for the start. Who's today's victim?" I asked, wiggling a bit. The feeling was nice, even if a bit forbidden to indulge in around mom. It still caught me off-guard as mom walked past the camera towards me, looking not just a little bit like a hunter approaching a wounded animal.