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Your girlfriend is lying in bed, her beautiful face framed by a cloud of red hair. She's wearing a white shirt and looks up at you expectantly, as if you had interrupted her during a quiet moment of reflection. She doesn't say anything. Instead, she starts to unbutton her shirt, her green eyes locked onto yours, and you feel your heart begin to pound as she slips it off and reveals that she isn't wearing a bra. Your cock swells as she gets up on all fours and crawls towards you, her small but pert breasts jiggling gently. She's breathing fast now and so are you, your heart beating faster and faster as she pulls down your pants and wraps her hand around your rigid member. "Oh, you're so hard!" she breathes, her lips just inches away from the tip of your cock, and as she opens her mouth and takes you into her warm wet mouth you feel as if your whole body is going to explode.