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Niemira, the hot Czech girl always was one of my favorites. The ultimate European beauty was such a body, like no one else. Her pussy and ass are amazing, her body is a work of art, her face is simply gorgeous and the combination of the two is what makes her stand out above any other woman on the planet. She was a very good worker and I liked to watch her with all the other women, she was very comfortable and enjoyed everything that was asked of her. You are in the dressing room, the large dressing room that was used by all the women, but today, there is only one person using it, the stunningly gorgeous Czech woman named Niemira. As you watch her undress, you can't help but think of how beautiful and sexy she is. Niemira has a long, lean body that is incredibly well proportioned and has a very good ass and pussy. Her legs are very long and have nice definition, and her face is very attractive. Her lips are full and sensual, and she has a cute nose and big green eyes. Her dark brown hair falls down to her shoulders, and she is wearing a tight blue dress.