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Evelina runs her delicate hands slowly across her warm thighs and deliciously sensitive tummy before parting her legs to access her wet cunt. Then, taking things slowly and building her pleasure, she begins teasing her lips apart, first with a single finger, then two. Evelina's finger penetrations grow in intensity with the pleasure they deliver, culminating in her juicing her delicate hand right up to her delicate wrist and gasping with joy as she makes a mind-bending connection with her sweet spot. As a professional musician, it's important to stay in tune and so once the mews from Evelina's open-throated vocalizations have been muted, she produces a delicate tuning fork and slowly inserts it, to judge its effect on her quivering cunt! This produces some very sweet vibrations indeed, leaving the petite blonde writhing in ecstasy with her eyes screwed shut tight and her entire body completely and utterly consumed with pleasure. It's all over very quickly in a very big way, with Evelina enjoying one of the biggest, most beautiful, all-consuming climaxes you've ever had the pleasure of watching.