Let My Hair Down | Foxy Sofilie | MetArt X porn pic gallery

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"I just know you've been waiting for this," she smiles at the glass. "So do you want some alone time or am I invited?" At only eighteen, Sofie is extremely talented. And what would a video be if she wasn't there? The camera angles ensure there's lots of shots of the buxom babe playing with her luscious, curvy body. First we see her dripping pussy, then the voluptuous vixen drags a lubed dildo around the delicate folds of her pussy, watching her juicy reaction in the mirror. This girl knows what she's doing. When her pussy is dripping with juices, Sofie slides the thick toy down between the smooth cheeks of her ass and sinks it deep into her tiny, slippery hole. Slowly, the big dildo disappears and reappears, impaling her on a big toy. While she's doing this, Foxy bends over and lets her girlish tits dangle so we can see the way she's got her nipples pierced. We watch her put the pierced nubs in her mouth and roll the bars, tugging playfully and giving the camera a lust-filled pout. Her red-lipped mouth closes over them and she sucks eagerly on her nipples. It's one big erotic scene from beginning to end. There's no rush, this isn't pornography. She's making an adult movie where the viewer can relish every moment of this chick's hot body. Afterwards Sofie squats to pee and a stream of clear amber fluid emerges from her pussy and splashes musically in the toilet bowl. In the last image, the actress is back in her dressing gown, which is hanging open.