Kiki Daire Teaches Eliza Ibarra One More Thing | Kiki Daire & Eliza Ibarra | Newsensations porn pic gallery

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The classroom is full of the sound of your footsteps. "So, Eliza, what is the most important question that you want me to answer for you?" The room is silent, and then the door opens. You see a young woman peek her head inside, as if trying to gauge whether or not anyone is in the classroom. The young woman sees you, and you can see the relief on her face. She walks over to you, her long dark hair swishing behind her, her tight body hidden under a long sweater and jeans. She looks around as if she's making sure she's alone with you, and then she looks at you. "Hi, professor. I have a very important question for you." She bites her lip, looking at you with those dark, lust-filled eyes. "Will you please, pretty please, take me to bed and make sweet love to me?" You don't know how to respond, so you don't say anything. She moves forward and kisses you. It's a long, passionate kiss, and you're stunned. When she's finished, she looks at you. "Did I ask nicely? Pretty please? I think I've shown how well-behaved and smart I can be, and I really, really need you to take me to bed. If you do, I promise that you will have the best sex of your life." You still can't quite believe this is happening, but you nod. She grins, and takes your hand, and leads you out of the classroom and into your office. There's a little desk in your office, but you lead her through it, and into the bedroom beyond.