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That's when this college girl lets her horny girlfriend make her whole body wiggle. But even those two lucky babes are blown away by the sex crazed debauchery in store for them when the guys on the team take things into their own hands and all at once! Just wait til you read all about the depraved delight they brought about with one mind blowing bukkake bash! It's not for the shy and conservative, but I'm betting you just love hardcore orgies like no tomorrow and they deliver. If you're too shy to share that much body with a crowd, or you're so star struck the real women will have a tough time competing with the dirty reality behind the reality television chick, then do me a favor and go screw yourself! If, however, the thought of that many pussies and pricks involved turns you on and gets you going, you'll enjoy this wicked story! And, as promised, my favorite action happens when the girl cums! The tale gets even better because I wrote this story especially for you and I know you're going to cream your pants when you discover all the nasty, freaky stuff in there just for your wanking pleasure! Like everyone who works as a celebrity or sex columnist, my goal was to land a job as a producer or reporter. Only in my fantasies would the papers I write lead me to some insanely erotic world or crazy adventure that somehow makes me the happiest sexed-up woman on earth. The way it had worked was I'd been brought in because the producer wanted someone who could handle a dick like they handled a pussy, with a natural ease. There had never been a bigger lie! Now, I didn't want to complain. This job had its perks. What kept me hanging onto the job and from giving a notice was all the open minded gals and dudes in the cast and the unbeatable pay. Despite being hot to trot all the time, these babes, some of which you already met, kept things friendly between us even though they saw I was fucking everyone! Well...ok...not everyone...but most everyone.