I Want You | Ophelia Dust & Veronica Leal | VivThomas porn pic gallery

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Your eyes meet and you both smile, as if to confirm your intentions. "I have an idea, my dear." she whispers in a seductive voice. "Follow me." She grabs your hand and pulls you to the back door, leading you into a small patio behind the house. It is a sunny summer day and you are happy to feel the heat of the sun on your skin and the caress of the light breeze. You notice a small table with two chairs, set on the side. There are large bushes and a tall fence all around, providing an agreeable degree of privacy. "There is no one here but us." says Veronica with a smile. She moves her hands to your hips and starts unbuttoning your pants. She slowly unzips your fly and slides a hand down the front of your panties, fondling your hard cock through the soft cotton fabric. She moves her face close to yours and gives you a slow, lingering kiss, her lips brushing lightly against yours. "You are so hard..." she murmurs softly, her breath warm and sweet. Her hand slides deeper into your panties, gently grasping your shaft and sliding her fingers up and down your swollen cock. "Mmmm..." she moans. Her lips are parted slightly, and you can feel her hot breath on your skin. Her hand moves faster, squeezing your shaft harder.