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A white tiled shower. It's large, and you have the feeling that it was meant for people a good bit taller than you. The walls have been stained black, and the black tile is chipped and scarred. A black plastic curtain hangs over the opening of the shower, but it's badly ripped and provides very little protection. A single shower nozzle sticks out from one wall, and the water coming out of it is cold. There is a small drain set in the middle of the shower, where the black water is pooling. An attractive brunette girl, no more than 18 years old, is standing in the middle of the shower, soaking wet and covered only by the rivulets of black sludge that run from her. She stares blankly at the wall, but turns as you enter. "Oh... I'm so glad you're here, sir." Diamond is a lovely young brunette girl with an incredible body and a vacant stare. Her nipples are hard, and her skin is very pale.