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Then a bit shyly she bites her lip, gets a cutely worried look on her face and closes her coat before getting up – sashaying seductively down the hallway until she stops to run a long lock of her rich auburn hair across her red, glistening, parted lips and invites you to follow her back to bed. Felice's love scene is a full, arousing, up-close tour of her sumptuously fuckable body. It also serves notice that "Assassin" is in no way a wimpy Euro-softcore sex comedy. Right away, two women strip and fuck male victims as part of an elaborate assassination plot. Then, in one of the film's bloodiest killings, a muscle-bound henchman executes a tough guy by grabbing the back of his neck, forcing his head through a windowpane, and breaking the glass inward with a vicious, two-handed grip. Felice's assassin-on-duty love scene starts when her client makes her come by nuzzling her luscious breasts. Their relationship grows much warmer when they get her apartment and he shows up with flowers. Shedding his black jacket, white dress shirt and trousers, and bending her over a table, he takes her standing from behind while squeezing her ass cheeks and feeling up the soft underside of her breasts. For the finale, he gets his face all wet, rolling her stiffened nipples across his teeth and upper lip. A golden afternoon scene shows Felice's tits jiggling up and down in profile, filmed by a downward-looking camera lens, as her partner sits on the floor while she rides his hard cock in the saddle. As usual, her thick, reddish-auburn pubic triangle contrasts dramatically with his pale groin and balls as her pubes grind forward and backward, stirring his genitals and humping against them while she moans her way toward orgasm. He lifts her legs, takes over, and starts slapping his loins against her hips. His legs and arms move in rapid repetitions while he spurts his semen onto Felice's lower belly.