Curvy Stepmom Lauren Phillips Gets Leana Lovings To Open Up | Lauren Phillips & Leana Lovings | New Sensation porn pic gallery

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In the midst of her pleasure, Leana feels an undeniable urge to pee. She has always had this issue whenever she gets too horny and aroused. You may be a freak for it, or think she is sick, but I promise, many women have this same issue, and Leana has had it since she was a young girl. "Mmm, I... I have to pee," she says, as her stepmother continues to work her tongue. "You can do it here, baby," she tells her. Leana looks down at her, surprised, and sees the excitement in her stepmother's eyes. She looks hesitant, and her stepmother pleads with her. "Go ahead. Just let it go, and don't worry about a thing. Let Mommy take care of you." Leana has never done this before, not since she was a very small girl. But the pleasure is too great and the sensation builds up, and suddenly, she lets out a little yelp as the first drop falls into her stepmother's mouth. Her stepmother just keeps licking and kissing, and drinking her in. Leana is mortified, but soon the sensation and pleasure takes over, and she lets her bladder go, emptying it all into her stepmother's mouth and loving every drop of it. When she is finally empty, her stepmother licks her dry, and the two share a deep kiss. "Now it's my turn," her stepmother says, and lays her back, straddling her face. "Come on, baby. You know what to do." Leana has never tasted pussy before, not even her own, but now she knows what she is doing. She is so grateful and horny for her stepmother that she wants to give her the best orgasm possible.