Actions Speak Louder Than Words | Emma Evans | 18VR porn pic gallery

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In the V. R. world nothing's going to get between you and Emma now, including awkward morning breath, unwanted emotions, or her complicated, bad day job. In fact, after this she may quit that crappy job and let you treat her like the queen she is every single day. Just try not to wear out her holes and leave her hungry for more by day. Or night. You might need two VR rigs for your place because, "Darling, I think I'd be a bit peckish. We might need to order food to the room sometime, don't you think?" Yeah, that's probably a fair assessment. That ass is just too sweet. Diving in, she kisses all over your morning wood with a fervor you can't quite wrap your head around, but your penis is really into it, so you roll with it, no questions asked. This is pretty much your ideal wake-up call and you'd really like it to happen all the time if possible. "This is my new favorite alarm clock," you say. "Mmmm. Oh, my darling! It's yours." Emma bites her lip and grips your cock at the same time before she laps at you and swirls her tongue around the head, tonguing the precum leaking out. Fuck me, what does this guy have to do to get her mouth fully on him?!