Bethanie Badertscher In Black Lingerie

Quite the sexy, brunette babe we have here. And she's even starts topless, which is the next best thing. First one is, of course, starting naked. Anyway, she's posing in hot, black panties and sexy stockings and she only has one intention in mind, right now, and that is to satisfy our curious and hungry eyes, with some pretty sweet posing. First thing, that got my eyes, instantly are, unsurprisingly, her boobs. They might be big in size, but I wouldn't say, that they're small, too. Kinda like in the golden middle, but what's mind-blowingly sweet about them are their shape and how they look. They're taut, round and look extremely smooth. They also have a some pretty mouth watering, perky nipples on them, that are looking so juicy, that they almost beg to be sucked. Add to that, they're even completely natural tits. But she has something else, that's tight and round, and that is her sweet, fine ass. I bet, that most of you are curious as hell about her pussy, like me. Unfortunately, she's not gonna indulge that part of our curiousity. So the panties are staying on this babe. A bit saddening, but I do hope, that we get to see it, next time.

Gorgeous Playboy babe Bethanie Badertscher posing in sexy black lingerie.

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Bethanie Badertscher

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